Landmark Theaters Selects Hell’s Kitchen

So very excited to see that Mark Cuban’s Landmark Theater chain has selected to locate a new state-of-the art independent film multiplex in Hell’s Kitchen, Mid-town West, Manhattan. This appeals to me as a long time resident of the neighborhood and as a filmmaker, marketer and distributor of independent film.  It’s always great to see investment in independently produced content and the audiences that support it.   Take a look.  I cannot wait for the opening!

Shot! Feature Film Documentary – Mick Rock – April 7th

SHOT! Poster Art

Very thrilled to announce that my feature film documentary “Shot! The Psyhco Spiritual Mantra of Rock” is set for release in theaters and VOD for April 7, 2017. A RockEye Production with VICE Documentaries and StraightUp Films, this is an experiential feature length music documentary, not a talking head clip show, but rather a first hand exploration into the mind of one of Rock and Roll’s greatest photographers. He worked from the inside out, not work for hire or voyeur. The results are iconic. Check out the trailer and mark your calendars. Opens at the Metrograph NYC and The Music Hall in Beverly Hills. You can also catch a one time screening in your city through The New York Film Critics Series hosted by Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers who will be featuring the film as its pick for April.

Links: New York Film Critics National Screening Series  TRAILER

Rolling Stone’s 50 Most Anticipated Films for 2017


Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 12.55.25 PM

I’m so very pleased to share that my feature Rock documentary Shot! The Psycho Spiritual Mantra of Rock has been selected by Rolling Stone magazine as one of 2017’s 50 most anticipated films.  All of us at RockEye, VICE and Straight Up Films as well as our distributor Magnolia Pictures are thrilled!  The film is set to release to theaters in NYC and select markets around the country on April 7th.  We’ve got a lot of work to do until then, but it’s the kind of work every filmmaker looks forward to doing!  Here’s a link to the article.

Shot! The Psycho Spiritual Mantra of Rock



I’m quite excited to share a four star (out of four) review generated by our screening at the 2016 BFI/The London Film Festival #bfilondonfilmfest for my documentary film “Shot! The Psycho Spiritual Mantra of Rock” featuring the life and work of extraordinary Rock and Roll photographer and dear friend, Mick Rock.  I describe the film as a psychedelic Rock and Roll jamboree – a very experiential and entertaining journey.  Directed by Brit Barney Clay and produced by VICE Films, Straight Up Films and RockEye Productions.  We’re looking at a Spring 2017 commercial release worldwide – details TBA.  For now, take a read of of this lovely review by Neil Dowden. [SHOT! Review]  Cheers!

Silvercup Studios Expands to Bronx

Silvercup Studios

PORT MORRIS, The Bronx — A Queens based film and television studio opened up its third city location Wednesday in the Bronx.

Silvercup Studios– home to “Sex and the City,” “When Harry Met Sally” and “Girls” – built the $35 million studio complex to meet the needs of New York’s film industry. In 2006, only nine TV shows were based in New York City, but more than 30 film in the city now, according to the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting.

“Silvercup Studios is a great New York success story, whose growth and strength parallels everything going on in the Bronx right now,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. “This expansion will help create hundreds of good-paying jobs, generating millions of dollars to local businesses and further build upon New York’s booming film industry.”



Barry Diller’s Pier55 gets the green light

Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg's Pier 55

Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg’s Pier 55

I’m so very excited to see the rendering of Pier 55 which was green lit for NYC’s Hudson River Park.  I can remember when Hudson River Park began.  It was an ambitious project which began all the way downtown in Battery Park City and ended a few blocks up just north of The World Financial Center in the mid 1980s.  Hudson River Park now runs up the entire West Side Highway beyond 133rd Street towards The George Washington Bridge.  Amazing!  The park has completely transformed the West Side of Manhattan including my neighborhood Hell’s Kitchen and The Hudson Yards which butts right up to the park.  I go to it all the time to just sit and read, enjoy the river, ride my bike, relax.  The following article announcement appeared in Crains New York Business today.  Take a read.

The site of the future 2.7-acre Hudson River park funded by Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg has cleared its final regulatory hurdle, the Hudson River Park Trust announced Wednesday.

Construction of Pier 55, as the park-on-a-pier will be known, is now expected to begin this summer, the trust said.  The park will include grassy hills.. [read full article]

Mick Rock – A Real New York Story

with Mick Rock sign


It was just over 10 years ago when Mick Rock, the iconic Rock and Roll photographer, came into my office with a bag full of photos and a DVD to talk about a crazy JT Leroy indie film project we were working together on for Island Records founder Chris Blackwell’s film company, Palm Pictures.  By that time, I had known Mick for a few years mostly from attending his very high profile photo exhibits in New York City with my good friend Jane Stuart.   These were not photo exhibits for the quiet wine sipping cheese eating art crowd.  Mick is rock star!  You’d have to do battle with massive crowds at the door through the mounted police because, if you got in, you were likely to bump into Debbie Harry, Keith Richards, Lou Reed or Mick Jagger  –  all artists Mick has shot over his 4 decade and counting career.  At the end of our JT Leroy film meeting, Mick pulls a DVD out from his bag and proceeds to tell me that he thinks there might be something we can do with a bit of footage he shot over the years going back as far as 1972 from his early years photographing Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie).


Naturally, I was more than quite interested in taking a peek.  From the flicker of the first frame of grainy b/w footage, I knew he was sitting on a Rock and Roll goldmine. How much of this footage did you say you shot Mick? I ask.   Jump to today, just one week from the world premiere of Shot! The Psycho Spiritual Mantra of Rock at The Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.  #mickrockdoc #tribecafilmfest

Mick Rock with Lou Reed at Varvatos for Lou's Transformer launch.

Mick Rock with Lou Reed at Varvatos for Lou’s Transformer launch.














The film is one of the most anticipated of the festival and is already on everyone’s must see list including Rolling Stone.  So much transpired over those 10 years a feature film documentary financed and produced the way Mick and I wanted. We had set our sights pretty high for how we wanted the story told, the look, a unique approach.  We weren’t going to make another talking heads, isn’t he just great documentary.  We wanted to really tell a story.  So many meetings, false starts, imploding TV network executives, directional changes, the birth of Netflix streaming, the success of Amazon Prime and, most recently, the deaths of both Lou Reed and David Bowie, two of Mick’s dearest friends.  The whole experience is such a New York story because so much of Mick’s professional life has been centered around New York City starting with Lou Reed.  Looking back, it was always the City’s unique energy that projected this project forward.   So, I’m going to have my own very New York moment this coming Friday when the lights go down and the flicker of the frames appear on the big screen before a sold out, standing room only NYC audience.  It’s been an amazing ride so far.  I love this crazy town!

Living in Hell’s Kitchen NYC

NY Times Hells Kitchen

Living in Hell’s Kitchen (HK) in New York City over 23 years, I’ve seen the neighborhood change dramatically.  So, when I saw this feature piece on HK in the New York Times, I was thrilled.  As the New York Times points out, many residents affectionately call the area “Hell’s Kitchen” vs. Clinton or MiMA which officials and developers concocted to polish up the area’s seedier past.  No matter what you call it, you won’t find a more diverse, energetic, creative, tolerant and entertaining neighborhood in all of New York City.   And for all you foodies out there, HK’s is home to the international food festival held each Spring on 9th Avenue reflected by the many reasonably priced restaurants and food merchants featuring food from every corner of the globe.  If you’re not already here, you really should check it out.  If you’re interested in buying or renting here, give me a call and I’ll show you some great spots you can call home.   Check out the NY Times video on HK!  

This Isn’t Edie’s 10th Avenue Anymore

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.03.02 PM

In the Maysel brother’s ground-breaking 1975 documentary “Grey Gardens”, Edith Bouvier Beales an American socialite, fashion model, cabaret performer and first cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, complains of abandoning her bustling exciting NYC life to care for her ailing mother, that she would be happier in any New York rathole, “even on 10th Avenue.”  Well, if only sweet Edie were alive to see what’s popping up on 10th Avenue now.  High Line and Hudson Yards high-rise, retail and public space construction is moving ahead at a rapid pace and it seems that more spectacular developments are being announced every week.  Here’s a development from the architects of the new World Trade Center tower that caught my eye with its accessible vertical outdoor spaces placed in a very unique way.  As a long time resident of 10th Avenue for over 22 years, I’ve seen major changes in the neighborhood, mostly for the better and some not so good. This is getting interesting.  Urban life is being re-imagined in NYC in innovative and exciting ways.   I just hope that we don’t lose the heart and soul of our great neighborhoods rats and all.      [Full Article]  [Contact Me] [History of Hudson Yards]

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.58.19 PM

“Grey Gardens” Parody with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen – Hysterical!!