Greenwich Village Still Has Timeless Classics


So much of what makes NYC, NYC has been taken over by bank branches, Duane Reade drug stores and Sephora.  Nobody wants to live inside a shopping mall, but that’s what a lot of NYC is turning into.  Thankfully, areas like Greenwich Village still have a lot of charm and history to offer and we need to support those who still do business there, the cafes, the shops, all it it.  I caught this recent article on one such place that I want to share with you here.  Caffe Reggio is such as place.  They claim to be the firstT shop to bring the Italian Cappuccino to America.  Check them out, then come on by my listing at 100 West 12th St in the heart of Greenwich Village, take a look, make an offer, live the Village life.  Full Gothamist article.

Barry Diller’s Pier55 gets the green light

Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg's Pier 55

Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg’s Pier 55

I’m so very excited to see the rendering of Pier 55 which was green lit for NYC’s Hudson River Park.  I can remember when Hudson River Park began.  It was an ambitious project which began all the way downtown in Battery Park City and ended a few blocks up just north of The World Financial Center in the mid 1980s.  Hudson River Park now runs up the entire West Side Highway beyond 133rd Street towards The George Washington Bridge.  Amazing!  The park has completely transformed the West Side of Manhattan including my neighborhood Hell’s Kitchen and The Hudson Yards which butts right up to the park.  I go to it all the time to just sit and read, enjoy the river, ride my bike, relax.  The following article announcement appeared in Crains New York Business today.  Take a read.

The site of the future 2.7-acre Hudson River park funded by Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg has cleared its final regulatory hurdle, the Hudson River Park Trust announced Wednesday.

Construction of Pier 55, as the park-on-a-pier will be known, is now expected to begin this summer, the trust said.  The park will include grassy hills.. [read full article]

This Isn’t Edie’s 10th Avenue Anymore

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.03.02 PM

In the Maysel brother’s ground-breaking 1975 documentary “Grey Gardens”, Edith Bouvier Beales an American socialite, fashion model, cabaret performer and first cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, complains of abandoning her bustling exciting NYC life to care for her ailing mother, that she would be happier in any New York rathole, “even on 10th Avenue.”  Well, if only sweet Edie were alive to see what’s popping up on 10th Avenue now.  High Line and Hudson Yards high-rise, retail and public space construction is moving ahead at a rapid pace and it seems that more spectacular developments are being announced every week.  Here’s a development from the architects of the new World Trade Center tower that caught my eye with its accessible vertical outdoor spaces placed in a very unique way.  As a long time resident of 10th Avenue for over 22 years, I’ve seen major changes in the neighborhood, mostly for the better and some not so good. This is getting interesting.  Urban life is being re-imagined in NYC in innovative and exciting ways.   I just hope that we don’t lose the heart and soul of our great neighborhoods rats and all.      [Full Article]  [Contact Me] [History of Hudson Yards]

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.58.19 PM

“Grey Gardens” Parody with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen – Hysterical!!



Towers Star at Silvercup Studios

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 8.56.16 AM

Remember Silvercup West, the massive three-tower extension of Long Island City’s famed film and television production studio? Probably not. That’s because chatter of the undertaking has been on the outs for the past, oh, six years. But now, Queens Courier andQ’Stoner report that the $1 billion expansion is back on the table. The studio has filed special permit renewals with Queens Community Board 2’s land use committee [full article]


Hell’s Kitchen Sizzling


HK side street photo


I’ve been a resident of Hell’s Kitchen (Clinton, North Chelsea, Chelsea North, Midtown West, etc., etc.) for over 22 years now.  If you read my blog regularly it’s no surprise that I just love living here.  In my opinion, it’s one of the most diverse , dynamic and “real” neighborhoods in NYC.  But don’t take my word for it.  Check out this terrific article from this past Sunday’s New York Times Real Estate section and then give me a call for an appointment to tour some of the new and the old that the “Kitchen” has to offer.  [Read Article ]



All About the Bing & Bing

Bing and Bing - 2 Horatio, Greenwich Village NYC

Bing and Bing – 2 Horatio, Greenwich Village NYC
















Recently, I reconnected with a neighborhood friend who I hadn’t seen in sometime.  He was prompted by one of my crazy email postcards I send out occasionally to my circles.   He  tells me that he and his partner are looking to score a charming studio somewhere in The Village in NYC without spending a fortune, somewhere they could reside comfortably together and would I like to help them out.  So, I got to work immediately to find that perfect spot for them.  The Village is sprinkled with lots of charming studio apartment listings many of which feature misleading angle challenged photos and fanciful descriptions with an over emphasis on the neighborhood features and not so much on the apartment itself (the restaurants, the shopping, the park, etc.)  to entice buyers.  I had to keep a keen eye out for that needle in a haystack, that something special for the money.  These guys wanted something special.  I had  a decent price range to work within, but even still, this is New York City and the market’s on fire and the competition’s pretty fierce.  Properties aren’t on the market very long these days.  We didn’t waste any time getting started and in just a couple of days, we were on the streets of the Village with our itinerary.  In spite my attempt to manage expectations, my clients began to see very quickly that, while many studio spaces are charming, they are also quite tiny (and look nothing like their photos), with closets fit only for a broom and a bucket and amenities, non-existent.  Dating each other for a number of years now, both have decided that living separately wasn’t an option any more and admitted each were set in their ways and neither  had searched for a place to live in some time.  For a couple looking to merge their lives and stuff, they were discouraged and having  a bit of sticker shock.  Look, Greenwich Village is highly desirable, you pay a premium to live there and sacrifice square footage to do it.  They began to wonder aloud if perhaps, they should just keep things the way they are living in separate apartments.  Well, we were  only a few apartments into the schedule I had put together, so I rallyed them to stay the course and see as many apartments as possible before coming to any rash conclusions.  I mean, you never know what you will find in this town just around the corner.

Bing and Bing Interior


The City is filled with gems and, like a good agent, I had a couple of those on my list yet to show that I knew my clients would like that had the magical combination of location, a sensible studio layout (big open rectangle), a home-like feel (fireplace, separate kitchen), beautiful surroundings, made-to-last construction, a great address and, closets (!) – available for the same price or just bit more than the walk up charmers we’d been schlepping around to see.  Personally, I like apartments to feel like a home with common sense design, using high quality materials and offering services for an accessible price point which is what makes a Bing and Bing building so appealing (and hard to get) not at all like the sterile glass boxes popping up all over the City. Bing and Bing were a couple fellas who built some of the best pre-war properties in New York City.  Bing & Bing means gorgeous buildings, smart layouts and subtle art deco touches.  During their reign as some of the most important New York City developers of the early 20th Century, Brothers Leo and Alexander Bing erected dozens of buildings that are still highly coveted to this day. The architect Emery Roth was a frequent collaborator with the Bing brothers, lending their structures the classic, consistent look they’re known for.  So, when I came across one such apartment, I insisted we go see it and, success!!   My client’s response was immediate and obvious.  They fell in love as soon as we approached the building.  Once in the apartment, the deal was sealed.   Here’s a list of some Bing & Bing buildings in downtown Manhattan.  Check them out and if you want to buy or list one, be sure to give me a call ’cause I’m all about the Bing & Bing.

Most Bing & Bing buildings are on the Upper East Side, but there are also a handful throughout Gramercy, Greenwich Village and the West Village.

One of my playful marketing photos.

One of my playful marketing photos.