Greenwich Village Still Has Timeless Classics


So much of what makes NYC, NYC has been taken over by bank branches, Duane Reade drug stores and Sephora.  Nobody wants to live inside a shopping mall, but that’s what a lot of NYC is turning into.  Thankfully, areas like Greenwich Village still have a lot of charm and history to offer and we need to support those who still do business there, the cafes, the shops, all it it.  I caught this recent article on one such place that I want to share with you here.  Caffe Reggio is such as place.  They claim to be the firstT shop to bring the Italian Cappuccino to America.  Check them out, then come on by my listing at 100 West 12th St in the heart of Greenwich Village, take a look, make an offer, live the Village life.  Full Gothamist article.