Lets Talk About Music, Sex …and Real Estate



The other day, I was interviewed by French public television about my views on the relationship between music and sex. There I sat in front of my living room window with sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline behind me (I figured viewers could at least have an intresting view) and spewed out my recollections of sneaking into clubs as an underage teen, dancing and cavorting around until the wee hours of the morning with strangers as an adult in NYC and reluctantly revealed which songs come to mind or I like to hear when making out or making whoopie.  Why interview me?  I asked this question to the lovely French producer standing before me in my living room.   I’m not a famous DJ, musician, club owner or artist I said. I mean, the whole thing came to pass simply because a friend of mine, a former film production executive, gave these folks my name.  She thouhgt it might be fun and convinced the producer that I’d be a perfect interviewee.  The pressure was on. I love my friends.  Totally a who you know moment.   OK, I did work for 2 major music labels over a 20 year period and I was pretty crazy about hitting up the clubs back in my more youthful days, but still.  And leave it to French public television to figure out a way to turn a Pop music program into something about sex, right?  Turns out the angle is to interview regular folk, no flash, no celebrity about sex.  Oh yeah, the talking about sex on TV part.  Well, I figured, my mom would never see it even if she went to France.

The whole thing really got me thinking about my favorite clubs in New York City.   I was fortunate to have gone to quite a few and recalled a lot of great memories when the party was in full swing in the mid 80s to 90s in particular.  Legendary clubs like Paradise Garage, Danceteria or more underground venues like The World and Jackie 60.  Most of them are gone and have been replaced by a Gap store, Starbucks or an apartment building.  You’d never know what transpired there looking at the buidlings now, unless you were there, too, of course (or watch French public television).  So, what’s my favorite song to make love to you ask?  Well, you’ll just have to travel to France and catch the programme.  Until then, I thought I would share with you an article about the ten most iconic New York City clubs then and now.  But, I would love to know what your favorite sex song is, so feel free to post it here with your own personal story.  Oh, don’t worry, I won’t tell your mom.

LInk to Iconic NYC Music Venues.

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