Shot! Feature Film Documentary – Mick Rock – April 7th

SHOT! Poster Art

Very thrilled to announce that my feature film documentary “Shot! The Psyhco Spiritual Mantra of Rock” is set for release in theaters and VOD for April 7, 2017. A RockEye Production with VICE Documentaries and StraightUp Films, this is an experiential feature length music documentary, not a talking head clip show, but rather a first hand exploration into the mind of one of Rock and Roll’s greatest photographers. He worked from the inside out, not work for hire or voyeur. The results are iconic. Check out the trailer and mark your calendars. Opens at the Metrograph NYC and The Music Hall in Beverly Hills. You can also catch a one time screening in your city through The New York Film Critics Series hosted by Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers who will be featuring the film as its pick for April.

Links: New York Film Critics National Screening Series  TRAILER

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