Future of NYC Real Estate

Future of NycThe Hudson Yards Culture Shed, a yet-to-be-built arts and performance space at 10 Hudson Yards, just might wind up being the Batmobile of buildings. Dormant, it’s a glassy fortress. Animated, it will be able to extend its wings so-to-speak by sliding out a retractable exterior as a canopy.

The design is a window into the future of New York City construction — and the role technology will play. This isn’t to say that a fleet of moving buildings will invade New York anytime soon, but the projects of the future will be smarter, more adaptive and, of course, more awe-inspiring.  [FULL ARTICLE – THE REAL DEAL NYC]  [MY SOTHEBY’S PROFILE]


Hell’s Kitchen Millionaires in Spaceship

A giant spaceship money machine has landed in Hell’s Kitchen and Ryan Seacrest is captain! This is no Orson Welles-like hoax!  It’s a mega money game show from NBC.  Starting on September 9th, the rooftop of an abandoned Mercedes dealership the Clinton area of Manhattan will serve as the outdoor set for NBC’s “The Million Second Quiz” where contestants compete for millions of dollars for every second they stay in the game by answering trivia questions in rapid fire succession.  I’ve been watching the assemby of this collassal set for several weeks now as I live in a high rise just two blocks away.  At first, I thought the staging was for a concert or perhaps a private party but,  the staging and rigging continued to grow and become much more elaborate.  If you had told me 22 years ago when I moved into Cliinton that a major network television game show was going to be broadcast live from W41st Street and 11th Avenue, I would have thought you were indeed from outer space.  But, this is New York City and neighborhoods and skylines are always changing and growing and Clinton (HK as I like to call it) is a real estate hot spot now.  The spectacular skyline views, theater, the proximity to Hudson Park and the river, the fantastic restaurants and many new luxury apartments have raised the profile and appeal of an area once best known for it’s gangs, prostitution, shootings and deserted streets. With the arrival of the Seacrest money ship and the NBC cameras, the world will get a peak at what the area has become which is a safe, vibrant, diverse and thriving New York City neighborhood.. and I’ll be here to help all those freshly minted millionaires find a perfect spot in the hood to call their very own. 

Anyone can play “The Million Second Quiz” and have a shot at being a contestant on TV.  You don’t have to be in NYC to play  , just download the game app, register and play.  If you are in NYC, just head on over to 11th Ave and W41st  with your mobile device and a recent head shot for your chance to be selected to be on air! 

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